Every day, patients navigating today’s healthcare environment face challenges that can prevent them from accessing their specialty medications.  

Many complicated steps are involved in initiating a new therapy. There are often difficult insurance hurdles, which can cause patients to become overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. As a result, many fail to start or stay on a prescribed treatment plan. 

As a manufacturer looking to help your patients overcome these challenges, you need to find a Hub services company that brings a deep understanding of these obstacles, and a proven knowledge of how to work through them quickly.  

Through annual research among leading manufacturers, CareMetx digs deep to determine what manufacturers need to look for in a Hub in order to ensure they're getting the best possible support for their patients. Among these extensive research findings, one consistent theme emerges repeatedly- the importance of high-touch support.  

High-Touch Support: Better Patient Experiences, Ease for Manufacturers 

CareMetx recognizes the significant void that a dissatisfying Hub creates for manufacturers and their patients. That’s why we’ve redefined what it means to support manufacturers, and to drive patient support program success.  

In the Hub industry, “high-touch” is often synonymous with white-glove service, a concept that can conjure the idea of costly, luxury-level service available only to a select few.  

It’s true that high-touch support should provide manufacturers and patients with a high level of care and attention. But what we don’t agree with is that this is a luxury service or costly add-on. Instead, we view high-touch support as a baseline of Hub service that needs to be provided every time, all the time. By redefining the paradigm of high-touch in this way, we’ve reimagined what a Hub could, and should, provide to the manufacturers that depend on our services.  

So, what does high-touch support look like in the context of a Hub-driven patient support program? 


  1. It’s a deep understanding of a complex patient care journey. This understanding enables a Hub to provide support that matches precisely what each individual patient needs at every step, based on their circumstances. 
  2. It’s a holistic view of the patient. A good Hub factors in not just a patient’s therapeutic needs- but their concerns, their surrounding support, their emotional well-being, and stage of treatment. 
  3. It’s a process that simplifies and elevates the patient journey. The right Hub removes the many hurdles that jeopardize drug access and affordability without creating new, downstream problems. 
  4. It’s the optimal mix of people and technology. This methodical combination requires design flexibility meant to achieve every manufacturer’s unique business goal while improving the patient experience.

High-Tech Is What Makes High-Touch Possible 

At its core, a Hub is a people-based operation. However, it’s the combination of people and technology that enables the delivery of quality manufacturers should come to expect. For CareMetx, it’s our technology that enables and enhances the human element of our services.   

As in most industries, complex situations in healthcare require a human touch. By using technology to simplify the complex processes within the patient journey, CareMetx can deliver personalized, human-centered patient service precisely when and where it’s needed. That’s how we build high-touch support into every manufacturer’s patient support program, and it’s how we meet the expectations of the manufacturers who entrust CareMetx as their Hub provider. 

Behind every human interaction CareMetx team members have with patients, advanced technology is not only making it possible, but making it happen more effectively and efficiently. 

For example, by accelerating routine Hub transactions using machine learning and AI, we’re able to direct only complex tasks that require a human touch to knowledgeable, empathetic professionals who are skilled at meeting patient needs. By using technology to speed and simplify benefits verification, prior authorization, HIPAA consent, and enrollment, we can help providers get patients on therapy sooner and remove the frustrations that can cause patients to delay or forego treatment. And by leveraging machine learning to manage patient data, we can track patient progress, automate information delivery at every stage of the journey, and provide targeted interventions at precisely the right time. 

Helping patients start and stay on therapy is complicated work. CareMetx’s high-touch support philosophy focuses on removing those complexities, simplifying the journey, and breaking down barriers that can threaten patients’ health outcomes. Whether a brand is launching, growing, or mature, CareMetx is equipped to provide technology-enabled, high-touch support that meets the manufacturer’s expectations, and most important, better supports patients.