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A Conversation with Mark Hansan, CareMetx

CareMetx was founded in 2011 by two longtime industry executives, Bob Dresing and Mark Hansan, who started in the patient support field in the 1980s. Dresing is now chairman; Hansan is CEO. In 2018, it acquired VirMedica, a leading e-services company in the Hub industry, and BioSolutia, an award-winning Hub company in Lake Mary, FL. Today it has five offices and operates as a national patient access company offering turn-key solutions, proprietary e-services and collaborative patient support programs. Most recently, it launched a new business unit, OutcomeRx, designed to provide holistic solutions for new personalized medicines, such as cellular and genetic therapies, that require innovative value-based contracting between manufacturers and payers.

Pharmaceutical Commerce sat down with Hansan; here’s what he had to say about the evolving hub services/patient support arena.


Patient Support / Hub Services Continue to Evolve

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Value-based agreements could disrupt how we pay for new therapies

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