Healthcare, Digitalization and Increasing Need 

Healthcare is a $4 trillion industry seeing a relatively large push for simple digital healthcare solutions like telemedicine, data analytics, clinical decision support, mobile health, and artificial intelligence. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, this movement has become more of a necessity than ever before. 

Currently, as we wait for this shift to be fully embraced, patients are still frequently forced to brave the mind-boggling complexities of health care themselves- things like navigating insurance, determining out-of-pocket costs and coordinating their own treatment plans. Hub services evolved to help patients overcome these barriers, especially those associated with accessing and affording specialty medicines.  

Digital Intersecting the Hub Industry

The hub industry was originally built on technologies like phones, faxes, and paper forms- so managing those hubs required a large workforce of administrative experts and trained staff.  These people-based operations have always been a critical way for manufacturers to develop a personal connection with their patients, thereby establishing a trust and confidence in their specialty therapy brand.  Yet the challenge to this traditional hub arrangement is that it is thus characterized by high, full-time employee-driven business pricing and bespoke technology systems.  

As manufacturers develop a new drug and begin preparing for commercialization, they typically identify the characteristics of a Hub program that will help them provide a desirable patient experience.  Part of planning this Hub program design also requires said manufacturer to navigate the complexities related to payer coverage (market access), legal (regulatory and compliance), distribution/supply chain and technology. 

Once a need and desired design has been established, manufacturers can then align their own competencies with the needs for an optimal patient experience via a Hub program.  Some manufacturers prefer an “Insourced Hub”, where the brand manages all hub services internally.  Others prefer to outsource the Hub to a vendor that manages all activities or to create a “Hybrid Hub” which brings together outsourced services or technology with an internal Hub.  

Regardless of the type of Hub, manufacturers and Hub industry experts have spent years evaluating how to improve these business processes with digital tools that can more effectively support patients and providers, while still maintaining that necessary personal connection with the patients. 

The CareMetx Digital Hub: Radical Efficiency

CareMetx has taken a fresh look at delivering the best possible patient experience, and through that we’ve created a scalable, patient-focused model via the CareMetx Digital Hub—a radically efficient proprietary platform that enables next level patient access- from enrollment to therapy administration and adherence. 

With impressive speed and agility, the CareMetx Digital Hub leverages direct connectivity with payers and providers, a multi-channel interface, automation, and most notably a virtual call center staffed with the very best talent from around the country.

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Our hub automates rote hub transactions, while directing more complex ones to skilled personnel who are both knowledgeable and empathetic to the patients they serve. Our 2021 acquisition of Human Care Systems (HCS) then added Resilix® to this suite of services, with a specific focus on the adherence portion of the patient journey. At its core, Resilix® provides manufacturers the ability to oversee the entire treatment experience- including reimbursement, fulfillment, ongoing adherence, outcomes, and data collection- from one single platform.

A Necessary Evolution in Patient Support

The goal of a digital hub has always been to connect patients, providers, and other stakeholders in an effort to ultimately improve patient access and outcomes. We understand that the increased use of specialty pharmaceuticals, infused specialty medications and other novel treatment regimens is driving an urgent need for more complex product access journeys and delivery solutions. This is why so many leading manufacturers are making significant additional investments into the kind of patient services that technology-enabled hubs can facilitate and manage all in one place. 

The CareMetx Digital Hub represents a comprehensive and logical evolution in the patient support service industry. Each of CareMetx’s services is connected to our Hub platform, and solutions can be configured to optimize the brand access experience. Simply put, the CareMetx Digital Hub can revolutionize any brand’s patient access program- but most importantly, it simply gets patients on therapy faster.