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Is There a Better Way for Patient Services Teams to Manage Patient Engagement?

Is There a Better Way for Patient Services Teams to Manage Patient Engagement?

In the ever-evolving landscape of patient support, patient services teams often struggle to effectively manage patient engagement efforts. Many have traditionally turned to spreadsheets as their go-to tracking tool, but these old standbys often fall short when it comes to managing patient support at scale. Limited by these conventional tools, today’s patient services teams need new, more efficient solutions that streamline their operations. 

Selecting the Right Software  

Patient engagement, at its core, entails the delicate balance of making patient calls, documenting interactions, collecting vital data, and adhering to manufacturer-approved communication guidelines. While this might seem manageable for a small patient population, the complexity multiplies as patient and navigator (navigators are the individuals often provided by therapy manufacturers to assist patients throughout the therapy journey) volumes surge, historical data accumulates, insights are sought, and integration with various systems becomes necessary. 

To navigate these challenges successfully, patient services teams benefit greatly from a dedicated patient engagement platform. An effective platform of this nature can function as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a content management system, a marketing automation platform, and workflow management system—all rolled into one cohesive package. 

Prioritizing the User Experience 

Individuals often called Care Navigators are sometimes provided as part of manufacturer-sponsored patient support programs. These Care Navigators play a crucial role in the specialty therapy journey. They bear a diverse range of responsibilities when interacting with patients, including: 

  • Clearly communicating and maintaining the boundaries of support 
  • Ensuring the utilization of approved content while maintaining a conversational tone 
  • Adhering to HIPAA regulations 
  • Effectively sharing essential safety information and capturing consent 
  • Providing comprehensive disease or treatment education and emotional support to enhance adherence to treatment plans. 

The effectiveness of Navigators in fulfilling these vital responsibilities can hinge on the software they have access to.  

The right software should be meticulously designed with their user experience at its core, aiming to help them facilitate each task seamlessly. It should adhere to one fundamental design principle: enabling Care Navigators to perform any action from a single, easily accessible location within the platform. This user-centric approach will ensure that all communication channels, content, workflows, and data are readily available to Navigators, enhancing their interactions with patients. 

Enhancing the Patient Experience 

One can imagine that as a patient, navigating the specialty therapy journey often leads to frustration when encountering phrases like "Can I put you on a brief hold while I look that up?" or "Let me transfer you to my colleague." 

Although these scenarios are occasionally unavoidable, it remains crucial to provide patients with a seamless and well-organized experience at every step. Navigators utilizing an efficient software tool benefit from the consolidation of essential information into one single platform, guiding their workflow and conversations with ease. The right platform also incorporates safeguards for information sharing based on consents and automates note capture, resulting in a noticeable improvement in call quality. 

Resilix: A Testament to Expertise and Compassion 

Developed by a team of Patient Engagement Navigators and health psychology experts, Resilix is a testament to the practical fusion of patient engagement and health psychology. It's designed to empower pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver better brand experiences in the real world.  

This unique patient engagement platform goes far beyond the typical CRM tool. It offers a range of features that genuinely help both pharmaceutical brands and healthcare professionals. Resilix combines content management, marketing automation, and workflow management, making it an all-in-one solution for patient services teams. With Resilix, you can effortlessly interact with patients through various channels like phone, video, email, SMS, chat, and chatbot, all seamlessly integrated into the platform. 

One of the standout features of Resilix is its classification and cadence system, which personalizes the patient experience. It does this by segmenting patients based on their responses to assessment questions or by following specific business rules. This ensures that patients get messages that are relevant and timely, ultimately leading to better engagement and satisfaction. 

Resilix's user-friendly interface and advanced features make life easier for navigators, increasing their confidence, speed, and efficiency, freeing up their time to ensure they can focus on truly listening to patients' needs.  

As the limitations of spreadsheets and standard CRMs in patient support become increasingly clear, Resilix offers a practical and patient-focused solution. Reach out to CareMetx today to request a demo, so you can see for yourself how Resilix can transform your patient engagement and support. We're ready to work with you to provide the care and expertise your patients deserve. 

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