It’s a surprisingly common misconception that the patient experience relating to initiating specialty treatments is straightforward once a prescription has been ordered, and once approval has been received from the payer. The truth is, the hurdles patients must overcome to access and adhere to specialty medication are numerous and ongoing.  

In the following session, “The Future Hub: Data-driven, Patient-focused," I want to help manufacturers:   

  • Understand the hidden risks built into their patient services program  
  • Refocus their hub to solve for the full set of barriers that prevent initiation and adherence from intake to outcomes 
  • Find out the simple solution that effectively supports the patient experience with their therapy 
  • Leverage multiple data streams across the patient experience  


As discussed, CareMetx’s data-driven, patient-focused Digital Hub provides things like empathetic, educational and empowering support for patients, and one single point of contact- among other helpful foundational shifts.  

The CareMetx Digital Hub also dramatically streamlines fulfillment times (between Rx and first administration) and allows clinicians to better prepare, set expectations and educate patients. This change in focus and level of service is evident to patients, who not only encounter fewer barriers, but are able to get critical help expeditiously when barriers do arise.