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Affordable Healthcare

3 min read

Technology Simplifies Copay Programs that Cut Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs

Affordability remains a major challenge for patients prescribed specialty therapy, as costs for these medications continue to climb. Though patient...

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two older patients reading a medical bill

2 min read

With the Help of Technology, PAPs Tackle Affordability Barriers

Job losses and resignations spurred by the pandemic- coupled with escalating drug costs- have made it increasingly difficult for some patients to...

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doctor helping patient, writing in chart

3 min read

Senior Manager of Hub Operations Sumaira Qureshi Shares Her Perspective on Access and Affordability

At CareMetx, our personal and professional histories are the foundation for our corporate culture. Many of the individuals within our organization...

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diverse group of people joining hands

4 min read

How Modernizing Healthcare Impacts Social Determinants of Health

Socioeconomic inequality continues to be one of the most pressing issues of our age, and one very specifically linked to health outcomes for...

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woman reading to her son

3 min read

Tackling Medical Debt with Dollar For Founder Jared Walker

CareMetx is committed to helping patients overcome barriers to accessible and affordable specialty therapies. So when we met Jared Walker- founder of...

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