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patient adherence

Health care provider talking to concerned patient, taking notes.

3 min read

The Psychology of Patient Engagement: Equipping Patients for a Successful Journey

To ensure patients can fully benefit from prescribed therapies, it’s critical to identify and address the barriers that impede their ability to...

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elderly man texting, man sitting on couch

2 min read

Texting is Simple, Effective, Low Cost, and Can Improve the Patient Experience

Over time, ongoing improvements in technology have allowed pharmaceutical brands to communicate with patients through a growing number of channels-...

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3 min read

How a Focus on Health Literacy Can Improve Patient Adherence and Health Outcomes

Imagine you’re in a physician’s office and you’ve just received a diagnosis for your health symptoms. The doctor explains your condition, describes...

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deidra kindred

5 min read

Discussing Access, Affordability, and Adherence with Nurse Advocate Deidra Kindred

Every day, countless professionals go above and beyond to help patients navigate the increasingly complex healthcare landscape, and nurse advocate...

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doctor speaking to elderly patient

3 min read

Modern Solutions for Patient Adherence Challenges

Today, about half of all drugs for chronic conditions aren’t taken as prescribed, and 20% to 30% of those prescriptions go unfilled altogether. Even...

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diverse group of people joining hands

4 min read

How Modernizing Healthcare Impacts Social Determinants of Health

Socioeconomic inequality continues to be one of the most pressing issues of our age, and one very specifically linked to health outcomes for...

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3 min read

How Annual Benefit Changes Can Negatively Impact Patient Adherence

We’re in the midst of benefits reverification season- a time when physicians and specialty pharmacies tackle the time-consuming task of confirming...

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